Commitment to community is at the heart of SRG Holding’s ethos and is built into the company’s mission and practice thanks to the vision and example of its founder, Abdulsalam AlRafi. A pioneer among UAE companies in the field of corporate social responsibility, SRG Holding engages in a range of activities to support and develop the communities in which it operates.

SRG Holding is involved in a major project with the Dubai Health Authority: In 2012 the group announced it would be fully funding the construction of a five-storey, AED 38 million, 84-room outpatient clinic building at Rashid Hospital. When completed, the facility will dramatically reduce wait times for outpatient services at the hospital and will enhance the level of medical care in the Emirate as a whole.

The group also has a long-standing commitment to the Al Salam Diabetes Centre at Al Baraha Hospital. SRG Holding provided funding to establish the centre in 2002 and continues to give financial support for its operation.

SRG Holding also supports a number of other local and international organisations which assist communities in areas such as education, housing and health care.

About Dubai

The Emirate’s history can be dated back to 1833, when the Al Maktoum family led approximately 800 members of the Bani Yas tribe to settle at the mouth of Dubai Creek, attracted by its natural harbour.

By the turn of the 20th century, Dubai had become a successful port. The Deira souq, located on the northern side of Dubai Creek, was the largest on the coast, featuring 350 shops and a busy flow of traders and merchants. By the end of the 1920s — the height of the pearling industry in the Gulf — Dubai’s population was nearly 20,000 people, approximately one quarter of whom were expatriates.

For more than a century, Dubai’s leaders have consistently taken bold steps to enhance the Emirate’s business environment. As a result, both local and foreign-born entrepreneurs have been drawn to Dubai as a place to establish and successfully grow their businesses.

Thanks to the leadership of the Al Maktoum family, Dubai has become one of today’s most important trade, logistics, business, banking and tourism hubs for a vast region that spans the greater Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and large parts of Africa and Central Asia.

Modern, cosmopolitan, safe and stable, Dubai and the wider United Arab Emirates provide an ideal base for international companies looking to build their operations across this fast-growing region of more than 2 billion people. Dubai has also emerged as a key meeting place and facilitator of the increasingly large South-South trade, which links China, India, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries with the Middle East and Africa.

Dubai is following a similar trajectory to other international business hubs, such as Hong Kong and Singapore, which grew as the regions they served developed. As the areas that Dubai serves continue to expand and play a larger role within the global economy, Dubai’s prominence as a global city also is growing.


Dubai based SRG Holding is one of the leading family-owned holding companies in the UAE, with extensive operations in property development and management, hospitality, real estate investments, and wholesale trading.


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