SRG Properties

SRG Properties develops and operates a prestigious portfolio of real estate assets in Dubai and the UAE. Skilled in adding value across all levels of the property supply chain, from land acquisition and project development to leasing, sales and facility management, the company delivers superior results to its clients, tenants and customers.

By bringing 45 years of local expertise and world-class practices to its operations, SRG Properties provides an integrated operation able to maximise the return on investment and value of its buildings across their full lifecycle. This history of excellence also ensures outstanding service across all aspects of its property operations, something particularly important in the case of the group’s many signature luxury developments. Tenants enjoy high-quality construction, superb sales and leasing services, and exceptionally maintained properties.

The company’s current portfolio encompasses a multitude of properties, ranging from residential buildings, mixed-use commercial skyscrapers, hotel and hotel apartments,high-performance warehouses and retail spaces to villas. Recognising the long-term growth of Dubai and the opportunities this presents, the company continues to add to its already valuable land bank and has an exciting pipeline of projects planned. The most significant of these future projects include developments in the Central Business Districts of Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai Media City, as well as the upscale Burj Khalifa district. 

SRG Development

SRG Development is the project management arm responsible for all of SRG Holding’s real estate projects.

This business unit brings decades of practical experience in local markets to its work with a range of partners, from world-renowned architects and consultants to leading regional civil engineers, contractors and interior designers.

SRG Development manages building schemes from the initial identification of a project need, to post-completion aftercare.

Through proactive project management, and the use of advanced design, project management and procurement software, the team continually quantifies the key dimensions of time, cost and quality for each project.

Detailed risk management, constant value engineering, change management, variation control, cost control and phase-specific budget compliance allows the team to optimize the value of each project, continually strengthening the group’s reputation with stakeholders in both the local and international real estate sector.

SRG Leasing

SRG Leasing provides professional and efficient services in the field of leasing and sales  for all properties developed and owned by SRG Holding.

Attentive and responsive to both tenant and customer needs, this business unit delivers an exceptional level of service that reflects the luxury calibre of the group’s properties and the company’s peerless reputation. Responsible for the property management of all assets owned by SRG Holding, the leasing division is the face of the company to many of its key stakeholders.

SRG Facilitiy Management

Just as tremendous care is put into every aspect of the design, construction and finishing of each SRG Holding development , equal attention and skill is put into managing and maintaining these properties. In this way, the SRG Facility Management ensures that all of its diverse tenant and user communities enjoy a superior experience, and that the company maintains and maximises the full value inherent in the high-quality build of each project.

SRG Property Portfolio

SRG’s current portfolio encompasses a multitude of properties, ranging fromresidential buildings, mixed-use commercial skyscrapers, hotel and hotel apartments,high-performance warehouses and retail spaces to villas. Its signature projects include:

Select projects currently under construction include:

-SRG Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Burj Khalifa Area


Dubai based SRG Holding is one of the leading family-owned holding companies in the UAE, with extensive operations in property development and management, hospitality, real estate investments, and wholesale trading.


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